Welcome to our church.


We believe in Jesus of Nazareth as Savior and Lord. That belief enables us to love and serve Jesus Christ together, love one another, and love our neighbors. We are ordinary people who aim to glorify God, to display the extraordinary greatness of God. How exactly can we do that? By the grace of God, we are Explaining the Bible, Proclaiming the Gospel, and Training Believers for the glory of God in Mankato and all the world.

1. Explaining the Bible. We want to glorify God by how we hear, understand, explain, and apply His Word in our lives; by how we sing and pray and serve God together, here in Mankato, with brothers and sisters of all ages, backgrounds, and occupations. What do we understand the Bible to teach?

2. Proclaiming the Gospel. We would love to show you how God has changed our lives with the gospel. What is the gospel?

3. Training Believers. We want to glorify God by training, learning, and growing in holiness together, so we commit ourselves to obey Christ in our relationships with him and each other.

We do hope you find this site helpful in getting to know us. You can get to know us even better by visiting us when we gather on Sunday to worship God.

Cordially In Christ,
Pastor Michael Indorf